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Hello from FatquartersGalore, WOW while summer is coming to a close which makes me very sad, lol. As I get older I find I do not have very much excitement or enthusiasm for Cold weather, I am sure some of you can relate. Not much has changed with us although I did have a Medical breakthru. I am not sure if I ever shared what happen to me almost 7 yrs ago, but Long story short I suffered a life changing event that I will never completely be the same person ever. Good and Bad changes, I suffered from a Spinal Cord injury which left me a Incomplete Quadriplegic, which in short means that I still have enough signals getting to my brain I can still somewhat operate my limbs and organs, muscles are messed up bad. But after 7 yrs and about 8 Doctors I finally found one that was pretty positive he had a fairly positive idea this would be beneficial for me, A pain pump was installed! YAY
So last February I got one installed and dropped my pain level from a 8 to a 4/5 most days. Hallelujah that's all I got to say but WHY did it have to take 8 Doctors and 7 yrs. my Gosh. Oh well finally I feel like living, I still have a hard time getting overly excited about things but that has improved some so I will take it.
Now enough about my issues let's talk Fabric, Did any of you do some SAL this summer? I did not I will admit, but I will be darned if winter (6 months in Michigan) passes me by without doing some or at least Hosting a SAL. I had a chat with Moda and Invested a bit on their products, but I have to say dealing with them was quite the chore and overall, I did not feel like they cared about my Customers, Which they should! So sorry to say but don't look for any Moda in the future because they are not part of the equation anymore at least from now going forward. I will be getting some Blank Quilting, 3 Wishes, and few others and of course Riley Blake just Love everything about them, I genuinely feel like my customers matter to them.
Do you have any favorite Designers at Riley Blake? Let me know if you would. I have over 75 of their Solid colors and still getting more eventually. I will be listing all the collections soon that start coming in first part of 2023 till July as of right now. Have you seen that I have full access to Glide thread and every product Fil-tech offers. Check out their website if you haven't
ever, they have a lot of different products.

Giveaway going on from 10/14 - 10/21 check out our Instagram post to enter. Goodluck! I have had a interest lately in watching webinars and videos so that I can learn more about how to use my Babylock's more and Better. As always this Technolgy world changes so fast I can't learn new things just trying to keep up is a adventure on it's own. LOL

If any of you have a question, just want to chat or have a comment or question feel free at any time to contact us at we would Love to hear from you.

As Always Take Care,
Leslie and Todd Munday

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