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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Hi , This is the husband and wife behind Fatquarters Galore Store, It was brought to our attention that apparently we need to be a little more transparent about who we are so with that being said I would like to introduce us and What we are all about. As I said we are a husband and wife duo we currently live in and function in the state of Michigan we have been here all of our life(s) we have five beautiful children all growing and spread their wings and they have given us three beautiful granddaughters as of now. Going back many years ago when I was a child I learned about fabric and sewing from my mother who is now in her 80s and unfortunately doesn’t sew anymore. Because of Curiosity I would stand by my mother side while she sewed all the time and always ask her questions now I know why I drove her crazy LOL. So with that being said I have over 50 years of sewing and fabric experience under my wing my husband however did not come from a background of sewing but because of being around me he tries to understand it LOL Hence this is why his job is to basically keep the shop maintenance up and send out orders I am the other brain to do all the rest. So not to go on and on with our lives but I just wanted to give you a little history I opened my first store about 8 yrs ago with Etsy, starting with woodworking because I have a father that has taught me to work with wood for over 50 years and I enjoy that as well. As the cost of shipping anything anymore has gone up so much my woodworking was very unprofitable after all the shipping cost because most wood items are larger items so that’s when I decided that I would take my love for fabric meaning the construction of the fabric, the texture of the fabric, colors of the fabric, the uses of the fabric all fascinates me so I changed my Etsy store to selling all jelly rolls having special request for fat-quarters more I decided to go away from Etsy and start my own website, geared towards fat-quarters hence there is a lot more uses for fat-quarters than Jellyrolls don’t get me wrong I still love doing the jelly rolls as well and I will do them anytime anybody has a special request. So just to give you a brief synopsis of Why we choose what to stock is first based off our Centerstone which is the outdoors my husband and I love the outdoors and I just so happen to love fabrics geared towards the statement of being outdoors so if you notice which I do mix it up a little but most of my bundles and choices are based off one Image and then I can build the bundle from there as far as our quality I just want to tell you that customers are first and foremost, I definitely would not sell you some thing that I wouldn’t use for my own purpose we have decided not to carry the most best expensive fabric in the world but we also don’t carry the least Expensive thinner (less desirable) cotton in the world either when I feel and look at the cotton and cut it I can tell whether it a good quality cotton and I’m certainly not going to put those types in our store. We make the choices based on the fact that when the product leaves here and arrives with you I want you to be completely happy with fatquarters galore. We also keep a very Clean Business environment for the products. So that is where we stand and that is where we come from so that there’s no wall between you and us, and you know completely who you’re buying from. Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn about us and I hope we can learn all about you.

Take care, be safe, take care of your loved ones and We will talk to you soon, Good day to you!

Fatquarters galore

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