A New Year

Hello Fellow Quilters,

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday, Even thou this looming Viral bug still upon us we enjoyed our Holidays as much as possible. With the New Year now in First gear I have decided to write down my goals I want to set for myself for this year. Giving myself those thoughts, Positive vibes and challenges to test myself to not only better my Quilting and sewing skills, but to always work towards being a better person. Do you write your goals down on paper? I think it is a great tradition not only can you go back and look at your goals to remind yourself but I think we tend to take the goals a little more serious. I won’t go into to much detail but if you see us not extremely active in the next month or two don’t leave us hang in there we haven’t left, (The backbone of the store is having surgery) The process and recovery is Up and Down but we are still here to meet your Quilting needs. Your still our #1 !

So there is Tons of Great things happening through out this year, New Designers, New Fabric Lines, QAL’s, Block of the Month and maybe New things we will learn across the way. So what is one goal you set out to accomplish, is there one that has to do with Sewing/Quilting? I would love to hear your answers, it gives us a common goal to talk about! LOL ✂️🧵🪡🧷💕

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