What is your return policy?

NO on orders that are already pulled and Cut. Once you receive your shipment if there is any issues address them with us immediately. We are here for you!

When do orders get shipped out?

Orders get pulled, cut and packaged within 48 hrs during normal business hours. Fatquarters end goal is to get your fabric in your possession as quickly as humanly possible, we don't want to hold up your project any longer.

What is the Quality of your products?

We commit ourselves as a Team to always offer products of Quality that anyone can use in any project in mind with complete satisfaction. If our team would not use it we certainly would not expect you to spend your hard earned money on it. The customer is always the end goal to picking out our fabrics.

What are the measurements of a Fat-quarter?

A typical Fat-quarter in today's textile industry measures 18 inches by 21 inches Now this is usually standard or normal. When our team processes a order with FQ's They do their best to apply normal standards for the cut but sometimes because fabric has wonky bias it can come out a little smaller or bigger then normal size of 18''x21"
At Fatquarters galore we try to cut the correct size every time.

What themes of fabrics do you carry?

Rustic is our name, colors are the game! With every bundle we pick a Main fabric with more so then not a Rustic, vintage, farmhouse, and traditional type vibe but we feel there is more to quilting then just that so we try to intermix themes all together and it usually comes out just fine. Some you may Love and some you may not Like so much but we are confident you will find something that will fit your project just right.

Are your Fat-quarters Prewashed?

No, We do not pre-wash any fabrics, however if you pre-wash your FQ when they arrive. Wash alone, delicate cycle cold water and Low Dryer temp. or Delicate dry cycle. This being for several reasons 1) Hot dissolves colors and shrinks the cotton. 2) FQ have a raw edge so they do tend to unravel being handled. 3) Colors may leak when washing would not want you to ruin your favorite shirt.